I was jumping for joy when the name Lea Lazaric came across my desk.  Looking at Lea’s debut collection is the equivalent of reading her biography,  you can really see and feel the many nations of her upbringing vying for attention.  I love the fact the the collection is so varied in fabric and choices of embellishment however is also very cohesive is it’s design.  Lea has priced her collection perceptibly well,  offering real value for money, which in the kaftan market is proving very difficult to come by.

Lea Lazaric has always been fascinated by fashion and has found inspiration from women around the world that she has met on her travels. A native Croatian, Lea has spent much of her early years in Iran, and has since built a home in London. Her family has lived in Brazil and India for many years and Lea can often be found soaking up the last rays of sun on a Rio beach, or immersing herself in the vibrant markets of the subcontinent that continue to offer the eclectic mix of old and new, tradition and style.

In her debut collection, Lea’s creations seek to capture the wonder of travel, drawing on the fabrics, colors and accessories from around the globe. Fine silks, unique embroidery and dramatic hues – all form the basis of style behind each product. She looks to enhance a woman’s beauty with simple designs and garments that have a strong sense of flow and movement. Reflecting the lifestyle of some of her favorite places that allow the traveller to step off the beach and into a vibrant space such as Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Cape Town, Beirut, Ibiza or Hvar, Lea’s fashion debut falls naturally to a sumptuous collection of Kaftans.

The energy she brings to her designs come from her life. Lea still works in the finance industry, dividing her time between NY, Asia, Eastern and Western Europe. She also often heads to old favourites such as visiting her early childhood in the Middle East, dipping into the Adriatic Sea off her native Croatian coast and exploring new ground in Africa and Australia. Lea captures this variety of culture and charm in pursuing her dream of building designs that infuse her love of life and fun as well as tradition and elegance.

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  ~Leonardo DaVinci

Oh, don’t misunderstand me …. there is nothing simple about this coveted clothing line by Anita Ben, but each piece has a stand alone, clean, simple elegance.  What ANU manages to carry off, is similar to the great masters, to hide the hard work behind finished product.  The stunning draping,  hand finishing create a dignified garment, a dress that doesn’t require huge amounts of embellishment to make a stance.  I see these gorgeous designs as a Jackie O, amongst many Marilyn‘s …. stunning, timeless, elegant.

My wardrobe boasts a pretty impressive array of kaftans and maxi dresses, but I caught a serious case of frock-envy when a girlfriend cruised in to meet at a restaurant wearing an ANU strapless full length silk dress.  It honestly looked like she was just floating …. the masses of silk flowing behind her, so it was that my love of ANU began.

The rich, cultural kaleidoscope of India lays the foundation for the label Anu, born from the designer Anita Ben’s deep connection with her heritage. The visual splendor and romantic decadence of the subcontinent act as inspiration for her collections each season.

All her pieces are hand printed, beaded and crafted to ensure the highest attention to detail and individual finishes.

The spiritual and cultural diversity of India is mimicked in her collections with myriad textures, colours, prints and finishes combined with classic silhouettes. Maxi dresses, batwing kaftans and tunics in exclusive prints including tie-dye effects are dusted with a mix of bugle beads, miniature sequins plus hand sewn French knots and embroidery. The result is a sophisticated, modern and elegant brand with a unique, expressive edge.

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For the glamorous sun-goddess this collection raises the bar when it comes to swimming and sunbathing in style.

Designer Guy Boucher combines exclusive designs and fresh styles. Zeugari means “pair” in Greek and Boucher’s Collection is the perfect pairing of chic concept style and unrivaled craftsmenship. Zeugari swimwear is known for creating modern and unique cut-out designs with curve enhancing tops – triangle, bandeau, and halter tops with removable cups and bottoms with back seams or ruching perfectly displaying a woman’s curves, but what I really love is the incredibly reasonably priced kaftans.

Using only the best fabrics from around the world and exclusive hardware designed by Boucher – Zeugari caters to clients seeking a captivating look that is uniquely their own. Your colours, vibrant or subdued, electric orsubtle – it’s luxe style made just for you.

The collection is well known around the world for its head turning monokinis and luxurious hand beaded caftans, sundresses and rompers for the confident, sophisticated woman on the beach or on the town!

Zeugari Beachwear has been spotted on Hollywood‘s starlets and fashion publications such as Life & Style, In Touch, Star magazine. Get noticed for looking fabulous – Zeugari.

See Zeugari’s beautiful kaftans at or shop at

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The gorgeous, vivacious, delightful and talented designer and head of Nina & B, is a dear friend of mine so I’m very excited to be featuring her collection in The Pati0 Frock.  I simply love Gold Coast based Nina’s zest for life and her entrepreneurial spirit, both of which are evident her inspired designs.  I believe Nina & B have created the quintessential summer wardrobe, offering everything from rocking jewellery and stunning sandals to silky kimonos, stylish caftans and groovy bejewelled ponchos.  I was fortunate enough to be with Nina and her team, including photographer extraordinaire, Thor Elias, in Byron Bay to shoot her collection at an amazing home in the hinterland, aptly named Margaritaville.

Nina & B. is the fruit of contemporary Australian flair and classic european elegance.  Being based in Rome and foraying around the globe over the last decade, Nina & B.’s founder Nina has created a range to capture the essence of understated sophistication.

Combining only the finest fabrics for her unique styles, Nina has incorporated lessons learned whilst in Italy working for fashion labels such as Bvlgari.  After years of  ‘La Dolce Vita’, Nina has returned home to Australia to launch her fashion line, Nina & B.

All products are made with love and proudly designed in Australia and can be found and or shop online at

Finding all of these amazing designers whilst researching for The Patio Frock is a bit of a double edged sword!  For years I have been under the misapprehension that there were only a couple of caftan designers that were creating beautiful pieces within a reasonable price range …. how wrong I have been.  Oh my God, I am so loving Foxton Danger.  Founder and designer Emma McLean is really hitting the mark with her stunning creations at a fantastic price point (this stunning jacket below retails for approx. $200).  You’d be mad not to have a look at Foxton Danger at or shop online at

Saturnalia Jacket



I am so excited to discover that Roopa Pemmaraju has opened an online boutique recently.  I’m sure Roopa’s sales team will be equally excited that they will no longer be receiving annoying emails from me begging for information on local stockists.

India’s ‘Kaftan Queen’ is making waves Down Under, as Roopa Pemmaraju establishes her reign over the local luxury resortwear market. Now calling Australia home, Roopa successfully merges the distinctive cultures of her native and adopted lands, adapting traditional styles and techniques to suit a contemporary, glamour-seeking customer.

Roopa, who creates her own prints, cites many and varied influences. She is enthused by unexpected colour combinations, ancient Indian lifestyles, the golden era of painting and architecture, and by nature.

Roopa’s signature is her use of exquisite fabrics: soft cotton, textured crepe, flowing chiffon and luxuriant silk, all procured from India, a country known for its rich textile heritage. Onto these gorgeous materials she embosses her stunning prints. Elaborate hand beading and ornate jewels adorn the free flowing fabrics and feminine silhouettes.

Check out Roopa’s new collection at or shop online at

Give me, give me, give me!  I want absolutely every piece in this collection, it’s like my dream wardrobe.  This season is just so much fun but it’s definately only for those confident enough to carry it off.  Remember, fashion is fun just be sure to finish it off with your own person style.

Check out the gorgeous new campaign featuring Adrian Lima at

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