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The gorgeous, vivacious, delightful and talented designer and head of Nina & B, is a dear friend of mine so I’m very excited to be featuring her collection in The Pati0 Frock.  I simply love Gold Coast based Nina’s zest for life and her entrepreneurial spirit, both of which are evident her inspired designs.  I believe Nina & B have created the quintessential summer wardrobe, offering everything from rocking jewellery and stunning sandals to silky kimonos, stylish caftans and groovy bejewelled ponchos.  I was fortunate enough to be with Nina and her team, including photographer extraordinaire, Thor Elias, in Byron Bay to shoot her collection at an amazing home in the hinterland, aptly named Margaritaville.

Nina & B. is the fruit of contemporary Australian flair and classic european elegance.  Being based in Rome and foraying around the globe over the last decade, Nina & B.’s founder Nina has created a range to capture the essence of understated sophistication.

Combining only the finest fabrics for her unique styles, Nina has incorporated lessons learned whilst in Italy working for fashion labels such as Bvlgari.  After years of  ‘La Dolce Vita’, Nina has returned home to Australia to launch her fashion line, Nina & B.

All products are made with love and proudly designed in Australia and can be found and or shop online at


Finding all of these amazing designers whilst researching for The Patio Frock is a bit of a double edged sword!  For years I have been under the misapprehension that there were only a couple of caftan designers that were creating beautiful pieces within a reasonable price range …. how wrong I have been.  Oh my God, I am so loving Foxton Danger.  Founder and designer Emma McLean is really hitting the mark with her stunning creations at a fantastic price point (this stunning jacket below retails for approx. $200).  You’d be mad not to have a look at Foxton Danger at or shop online at

Saturnalia Jacket



I am so excited to discover that Roopa Pemmaraju has opened an online boutique recently.  I’m sure Roopa’s sales team will be equally excited that they will no longer be receiving annoying emails from me begging for information on local stockists.

India’s ‘Kaftan Queen’ is making waves Down Under, as Roopa Pemmaraju establishes her reign over the local luxury resortwear market. Now calling Australia home, Roopa successfully merges the distinctive cultures of her native and adopted lands, adapting traditional styles and techniques to suit a contemporary, glamour-seeking customer.

Roopa, who creates her own prints, cites many and varied influences. She is enthused by unexpected colour combinations, ancient Indian lifestyles, the golden era of painting and architecture, and by nature.

Roopa’s signature is her use of exquisite fabrics: soft cotton, textured crepe, flowing chiffon and luxuriant silk, all procured from India, a country known for its rich textile heritage. Onto these gorgeous materials she embosses her stunning prints. Elaborate hand beading and ornate jewels adorn the free flowing fabrics and feminine silhouettes.

Check out Roopa’s new collection at or shop online at

Byron Bay is an amazing place, a little piece of paradise that through an abundance of natural beauty and a creative collective, draws artists, musicians and of course designers.  So it is little wonder that our next designer, Phyllis Boho, is also based there.  The brand’s design head, Amanda Gilham, left her hometown of Melbourne to relocate to this magic little town and Phyllis Boho was born.  I think these great pieces are incredibly well priced (close to half the cost of some of her Australian competitors) and the fabrics are quirky and cool.

 Check out the Phyllis Boho range at or shop online

Give me, give me, give me!  I want absolutely every piece in this collection, it’s like my dream wardrobe.  This season is just so much fun but it’s definately only for those confident enough to carry it off.  Remember, fashion is fun just be sure to finish it off with your own person style.

Check out the gorgeous new campaign featuring Adrian Lima at

These oh-so-divine creations are brought to you by Byron Bay artist, Colin Heaney.  Colin was formerly a famous glass artist who has turned his hand, and wonderful eye, to textile design.  On my last visit to Byron Bay I stopped by the Colin Heaney store for a little peek and was absolutely blown away.  These kaftan aren’t adorned with jewels, sequins or fringing, they are simple designs in absolutely amazing fabrics.  What I love about these designs is that they are truly unique, you’re not going to run into somebody at a party wearing the same dress or a similar dress in the same fabric.  Again, these kaftan are at the higher end of the budget retailing between $500 – $600 but the quality of the fabric is extraordinary and they are pieces you would wear forever.

Colin Heaney also produces some gorgeous swimwear, short kaftans, scarves and headbands in the same amazing prints.  To see full collection visit or the online store at 


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From the minute the vivacious Camilla Franks created her first kaftan eight years ago, a celebrity fashion and artist icon was born.

As a former theatre actress, Camilla designed and created her own flamboyant costumes that naturally translated into her debut kaftan collection. It was a simple kaftan concept that would change the course of Australian fashion history and inspire a new direction of beach and resort fashion.

The Camilla label brings worldly charm,personality and exotic flavour to timeless fashion.“It’s a label that doesn’t discriminate,” says the designer who constantly travels the world in search of inspiration.“I design for all shapes and sizes – all personalities and walks of life – I just want to make women look and feel beautiful whether it’s in a figure-hugging micro mini or a lavishly bejeweled cocktail dress”.

Surprisingly, given the huge resurgence, beautiful kaftans can be hard to find.  I’m not talking about your run of the mill cotton cover ups, I’m talking about a dress that makes you feel magnificent, floaty, joyous and luxurious!  Here is one of my favourite brands, Australia’s very own Kaftan Queen ….. Camilla.

I was lucky enough to discover Camilla’s gorgeous kaftans not long after she started her business a few years back.  She started out with very, very simple designs (I think I still have one of her first) and has become a truly impressive brand.  I have about 20 of Camilla’s pieces that range from beaded and sequinned ponchos to stunning full length kaftans.

See all Camilla collections at or

It is definitely worth going to the Camilla site (worldwide shipping), or store, as I have found that trying to buy on Ebay is just ridiculous. Sellers are trying to offload stock that is often 2, 3 even 4 years old at prices that are sometimes higher than they were originally.  Camilla also has great sales so it’s worth joining the VIP Club so you are notified.

I recommend you start this youtube video by camillakaftans at 02:28 which will take you to the first dress of the show.  Enjoy!

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