I have a severely dysfunctional shopping style (sadly, there is no cure).  I simply can’t purchase anything that isn’t silky, pretty or beaded.  Try as I may, every time I attempt to shop for something practical like a cotton dress or pair of shorts I leave the store with some deliciously delicate creation wrapped in tissue nestled in my shopping bag.  Kaftans are definitely my weakness, I just can’t get enough of them.  They have so many wonderful uses – beach to bar dressing, honeymoon attire, island chic, even maternity wear.  Who wouldn’t want to have a few in their closet?

Given that I’m a stay at home mother of two, this shopping style isn’t exactly practical, but I believe that no matter what we are doing we all need some glamour in our every day lives.  I mean really … why wear awful tracksuits when you can wear a gorgeous dress, and let’s not even go into the polyester verses silk debate!  Thankfully I live on the coast so prancing around in a little flowy number doesn’t look too out of place, well, not in the summer anyway.

So if you too are a lover of all things tropical chic, flowy, silky, beaded and fringed I hope you enjoy the tips and recommendations of The Patio Frock.  Go slip on something gorgeous, get yourself a cocktail Girl and head to The Patio…..

  1. Thank you for joining my blog! I look forward to your posts too – seems we are crossing over in the kaftan department.
    Best wishes Sarah

    • Thanks Sarah. Who can resist a great kaftan? I’m so thrilled to see some great new players get in on the action. This is my first blog so I hope I don’t mess up too badly. Wish me luck!


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