Suboo: Jet set Essentials

I am absolutely loving Suboo’s just released second summer rangeViva La Vida“.  This gorgeous label really captures the Australian spirit, with colour ways ranging from the outback burnt oranges to Bondi blue and white.  Whilst the 1st Suboo summer collection was predominantly sweet summer pastels, the 2nd collection is bold and sexy.  The accessories are also absolutely fantastic, this really is brand brining you everything you need to be stylish throughout Summer.

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Sue Di Chio is the innovative founder and creative force behind designer resort label Suboo.  Suboo’s beginnings were serendipity at play. When Sue couldn’t find a fashionable beach umbrella one summer, she went about revolutionising a faded Aussie icon. Sue launched her debut collection in 2007 which quickly gained a loyal following of fans in Australia who appreciated the stunning individuality of the Suboo product. This initial success paved the way for an expansion into apparel and accessories.  From here Suboo has become a multinational label designed for women that have moved beyond the surf labels of their teens in search of a more sophisticated label which embraces the mood and essence of the unique relaxed Australian lifestyle.

Sue’s brand may have evolved but her design philosophy remains the same; to produce relaxed, feminine resort wear that’s uncomplicated yet special.  Her background in Fine Arts has given her an appreciation for clean lines and gorgeous detail.  Inspired by the vivid colours of Australian summers and the natural coastal setting of her beloved hometown Sydney, Sue has a talent for translating fashion trends into chic, wearable resort collections.

Check out the fabulous new collection, and some fantastic sale pieces too, at

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  1. i love those open-shoulder dresses, where it looks like the dress is just melting off. so perfect!

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