ANU: A Modern Edge

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  ~Leonardo DaVinci

Oh, don’t misunderstand me …. there is nothing simple about this coveted clothing line by Anita Ben, but each piece has a stand alone, clean, simple elegance.  What ANU manages to carry off, is similar to the great masters, to hide the hard work behind finished product.  The stunning draping,  hand finishing create a dignified garment, a dress that doesn’t require huge amounts of embellishment to make a stance.  I see these gorgeous designs as a Jackie O, amongst many Marilyn‘s …. stunning, timeless, elegant.

My wardrobe boasts a pretty impressive array of kaftans and maxi dresses, but I caught a serious case of frock-envy when a girlfriend cruised in to meet at a restaurant wearing an ANU strapless full length silk dress.  It honestly looked like she was just floating …. the masses of silk flowing behind her, so it was that my love of ANU began.

The rich, cultural kaleidoscope of India lays the foundation for the label Anu, born from the designer Anita Ben’s deep connection with her heritage. The visual splendor and romantic decadence of the subcontinent act as inspiration for her collections each season.

All her pieces are hand printed, beaded and crafted to ensure the highest attention to detail and individual finishes.

The spiritual and cultural diversity of India is mimicked in her collections with myriad textures, colours, prints and finishes combined with classic silhouettes. Maxi dresses, batwing kaftans and tunics in exclusive prints including tie-dye effects are dusted with a mix of bugle beads, miniature sequins plus hand sewn French knots and embroidery. The result is a sophisticated, modern and elegant brand with a unique, expressive edge.

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  1. these dresses are STUNNING!

    X Minty

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