Roopa Pemmaraju’s Uber Luxe Resortwear

I am so excited to discover that Roopa Pemmaraju has opened an online boutique recently.  I’m sure Roopa’s sales team will be equally excited that they will no longer be receiving annoying emails from me begging for information on local stockists.

India’s ‘Kaftan Queen’ is making waves Down Under, as Roopa Pemmaraju establishes her reign over the local luxury resortwear market. Now calling Australia home, Roopa successfully merges the distinctive cultures of her native and adopted lands, adapting traditional styles and techniques to suit a contemporary, glamour-seeking customer.

Roopa, who creates her own prints, cites many and varied influences. She is enthused by unexpected colour combinations, ancient Indian lifestyles, the golden era of painting and architecture, and by nature.

Roopa’s signature is her use of exquisite fabrics: soft cotton, textured crepe, flowing chiffon and luxuriant silk, all procured from India, a country known for its rich textile heritage. Onto these gorgeous materials she embosses her stunning prints. Elaborate hand beading and ornate jewels adorn the free flowing fabrics and feminine silhouettes.

Check out Roopa’s new collection at or shop online at


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