Hello World……

If, like me, you like to adorn yourself in beautiful silks, elegant silhouettes and love to flit through life looking effortlessly cool, then I hope you will enjoy my thoughts and tips on The Patio Frock.

We are not all born (or starved) into a size zero, and it is often difficult to source beautiful garments to suit our beautiful curves. Sadly we don’t all have unlimited budgets either, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t dress like heiresses anyway.

I will endeavour to source the most beautiful, the most luxurious, and hopefully some budget friendly dresses and kaftans to make you feel like you live a life of luxury.

Grab a cocktail, donne a fabulous flowing frock and head to the patio …

  1. Karen Davis said:

    I can’t wait to see more. I am planning on telling my friends about this site because I am sure they will fall in love with what you are offering.

    • Fantastic! Mid November we are launching http://www.thekaftanboutique.com, hopefully you and your friends will be able to choose some unique pieces from our wonderful array of designers. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for dropping by The Patio Frock.

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